GForce Dog Transmission 4-Speed


Product Video : https://youtu.be/Yg2fnl5mAHQ

Einzel Specification GForce 'NASCAR' dog transmission (dog box)

All upgrades available are on this gearbox! Upgraded forks, seals, bearings, sprockets, tail shaft bearing  

Transmission takes over 1.500Nm

ANY ratio (we can advise you on this)

ANY shifter setback (we can advise you on this)

Fastest delivery time for custom orders ; 14 days production! Absolutely unheard of in the market

Weight; 52kg

We can supply you with bellhousings, axles, clutch & bearings, all mounting material

Europe's Nr 1 'NASCAR' gearbox seller, many drivers can confirm our quality in both product and way of business.

send us an email for any questions. We have detailed data for all chassis.

Price incl. VAT: 8.228,00
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GForce Dog Transmission 4-Speed

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