Wisefab Toyota Supra A90 Lock Kit Drift

  • 65 degrees of lock, parallel steering.
    You could tune your steering geometry either towards positive or negative Ackermann in just a few minutes even at trackside without messing up an alignment.
    Ackermann adjustment kit included.
  • Adjustable lock stopper.
  • One piece lower control arm desing.
    Lower links are replaced with one arm. Drifting with higher steering angle the stiffness and packaging would become an issue. Therefore lower one piece arm is used.
  • Higher roll center (RC).
    On Wisefab knuckle, joints are dropped, which brings the front RC up on lowered car, providing higher roll stiffness and letting to remove the front anti roll bar (sway bar) that is quite difficult to package with that high lock angles. 
  • Very good camber control and minimal bump steer with high steering angles.
    On drift cars the dynamic camber and bump steer is much more important than static. With our kinematics we have assured that the camber would provide very good front grip and bump steer is minimal at all the range of steering.
  • Steering jacking control.
    During drifting, when steering angle is much bigger, jacking is also bigger, even with the same geometry and it could become a problem. We have changed the geometry that it doesn’t cause any handling issues.
  • Consistent and predictable self-alignment torque.
    Caster is not the only important parameter to provide sufficient self-alignment torque especially at high lock. It’s the combination of different parameters to maintain consistent trail and self-alignment torque. With our setup the steering wheel turns always to the direction of movement and doesn’t get stuck at full lock. 
  • Original wheelspeed sensor (ABS sensor) can be used.

Kit includes

  • Adjustable coilover upper mounts, Formula Drift compliance.
  • Knuckles with hardware.
  • Lower control arms.
  • Assembeled tie rods.
  • Brake adapters for M model brakes.
  • 45mm coilover adapter sleeve.
  • Installation guide.

Important details about component fitment

  • Wheel bearing: Front wheel bearing has to be sourced from BMW E90. Part number 31216765157. OEM can not be used.
  • Wheels: Wheel bearing has 5x120 PCD. This means that OEM wheels can not be used.
  • Brakes: We recommend using brakes from BMW E90 or E90 M3. OEM brakes caliper can be used with the supplied E90 M3 brake caliper adapter. Brake adapter may need some modification. OEM brake disc can not be used. When using OEM brake caliper suitable brake disc needs to be sourced. Make sure that the brake disc is centered in the caliper
  • Strut: Strut lower fixing diameter has to be 56 mm or 62 mm. OEM fixing diameter is 56 mm. Ride height adjustable coilovers must be used.
  • Steering rack: We do not recommend using the OEM steering rack but it can be used. If the steering rack is changed it has to be mounted exactly where the OEM steering rack was.
Prijs incl. btw: 2.698,30
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Wisefab Toyota Supra A90 Lock Kit Drift

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